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US Visa Guidance(5 year Multiple Entry)

by Ayaz Mahmood

I recently appeared for my US Visa interview and thankfully, was granted a five year multiple. Let me begin by first narrating my personal experience, and then discussing issues and preparation for the US Visa. Please note that you should, by all means, read other experiences as well and the comments that follow. Every experience is unique and you would learn more and more about the typical questions that may be asked. I did all my preparation by reading Visa experiences and following comments on this website!

Mid July, I got my acceptance from Thomas Jefferson University for an elective in Neurosurgery. It was then I decided immediately to apply for the US Visa. These days, the online application uses only a single form DS-160 that you can very easily google. Please make sure you fill it accurately and you don't make any mistakes through the application process. Double check your spellings and fill out the personal information as it appears on your passport. When filling out "US Contact information", use details of your electives coordinator. When answering where you'd stay in US, use details of your university. Don't give an impression you'd stay beyond your electives schedule or if you do, then you should have genuine reasons as you may be enquired about it. I only stated "Four weeks" in my application. This doesn't mean you won't get a Visa beyond four weeks (or 3 months as is the case).

When done, print out the confirmation page. Your photo should be taken by a good photographer. I went to Zaidi's in Lahore and he knew exactly how the photo for US or any other Visa should be like. He takes a lot more than others, but it's worth it.

A note about the DS-160: it's frustrating to fill it out because sometimes, the information simply disappears! I used the "Save" button after every page but still it just disappeared mid-way through. Since I use Google Chrome primarily for internet, it remembers every entry at every tab so filling out the form again wasn't much of an issue. Then I had to use "save application to file" after about every page. It's time consuming to fill it out but you have to be careful not to include conflicting information inside! It's a very important document that is read by your Visa Officer before the interview.

When you have your confirmation page, if you're in Lahore, you should head straight to American Express Bank. This is near Alhamra Hall and Assembly hall, right inside the heart of PIA's office. Be prepared to take about 13,000 Rupees with you as the service charges beyond the Visa fees may be variable (Visa fees is fixed). You'd get a date by next week.

Now you have to gather all your documents. This is a bit of a troublesome process and should you realize that you can't gather all of them before your visa interview date, I think you can re-schedule it. I have no idea about the process or any fees associated so you may have to head straight back to American Express bank and ask them directly about delaying it. Preferably don't schedule your interview date in the first place if you're not sure you can gather your documents. You'd get the Visa date within another week anyway so this isn't a very troublesome thing.

Here's a list of documents I took (as you can see, this is also mentioned in other visa guidance articles!):

1. Acceptance email. I couldn't get a formal acceptance letter so I decided to use the email. I thought this was very fine but if someone has a different opinion, please do write it in the comments.

2. Email exchanges with electives coordinator. I printed all emails from requesting electives application to acceptance email and medical clearance in case the Visa Officer might need further confirmation beyond the acceptance email.

3. Affidavit of non-immigrant intent. I stated I would need to come back immediately after my electives are done so that I may appear for the final examination without which my degree would not be given to me.

4. Affidavit of support. Since my father is supporting me financially, I got this signed by him and attached a copy of his National Identity Card.

5. Medical school transcripts: Take the same transcripts that you would send to any US university including a letter that mentions the graduation date. This also serves as proof that you're enrolled at your respective medical school.

6. No-objection-certificate: States no objections against a specified time period at the specified institution and gives reasons for coming back to home country.

7. Supporting person's documents: Bank statement (or recent bank deposits), Tax return forms (if available), Property letter (if available), employment letter (if available) and/or any other documents that affirm financial strength. You don't need to take just about all of these but preferably atleast two, including bank statement. Making a bank statement may or may not take substantial time so have it made prior to applying for Visa, not at the eleventh hour. If your supporting person is related by blood, these financial documents can also prove stronger ties with home country rather than US so they are very useful.

8. Birth certificate: can prove your relation to the supporting person if they're parents. Not mandatory.

9. Police Clearance: This isn't required. US embassy does its own clearance. However Canada and UK embassy may require it.

10. Itinerary: You may need to contact a travel agent and get a quote that mentions your departure and return dates and the route you follow. (All itinerary documents have that info mentioned).

11. Accommodation: You may be asked where you would be staying in US. As stated, you can simply state University campus. If you don't have a reservation already made, simply print out the accommodation details from the website.

12. Exam scores: TOEFL and USMLE Step 1. Don't be afraid to take these documents with you. You may be especially enquired about USMLEs because Visa Officers know about it very well. When your reason for US Visa is Step 2 CS, they may also ask whether or not you have given your Step 1 and 2 CK! Furthermore in my opinion, mentioning having taken Step 1 doesn't really weaken your case that you may pursue a residency. Be prepared to answer if inquired about future plans. You can simply say: I took Step 1 because an increasing number of universities require Step 1 for granting clinical electives and that I would have to come back, complete my internship/house job first, and then think about Step 2 and residency.

13. Malpractice Insurance and Health Insurance: Not really required. Just that these things may mention the dates for which they work.

14. Miscellaneous documents: Any other document that may support your case and prove you would definitely come back once your tenure in US is completed.

In Pakistan there are only two places where interviews are conducted: Islamabad and Karachi. DS-160 form asks you to select either of these locations and once done, you'd need to travel to these places. Arrange for accommodation and travel method. Although I was given a time of 8:00AM, this doesn't mean you have to absolutely report at or before this time. Preferably leave as early as possible because early hours has substantially less traffic and you would not have to face absurdly long queues. If you have a car available, you can simply park it at the diplomatic enclave and go to the embassy through the shuttle service (it charges 500 Rs for return ticket).

I went and stayed overnight at Dr. Umar's place. It was raining very hard that day and there was also a misfortune of an airplane crash killing in excess of 150 people. Later next day there was to be more damages and deaths due to floods caused by excess rainfall which probably broke all records. 

During my stay, I also had a mock interview by Dr. Umar and let's say, he's very good at taking interviews! So I had a good practice beforehand and I would suggest you also make a list of questions you may be asked. Refer to a later stage in the article for possible questions and answers, as well as other Visa guidance articles on this website.

Time passed, I went to sleep and woke at 6:15 am in the morning, quickly took a bath and wore some decent clothes. Here is an idea: Try to dress decent and smart. I didn't wear a suit or a tie and if you do, you might feel a bit overdressed during the Visa interview because you'd encounter people in all sorts of clothes. But a decent look is important and you must be clean-shaved preferably if you don't sport a beard. If you do, then trim it to give a good look. For females, it's advisable that you observe your cultural dress rather than jeans and T-shirt. I saw quite a few girls who appeared for the Visa interview wearing tight jeans and low-neck shirts which is totally unnecessary and impolite in an interview. There were also other women who were wearing head-scarves, hijab or dupatta and they were easily getting Visas.

Another note about language: Visa officers know Urdu very well and you'd be surprised at the clarity and sweetness of their Urdu compared to ours. Although as a doctor you are definitely expected to know English very well, for other circumstances, you may even select Urdu as your Visa interview language. Speak politely and clearly. Don't try to emulate an American accent; speak in your own native accent, exactly a way how an Indian or a Pakistani person is expected to speak in English. There's no shame in that. If you don't understand a question VO asks, as he or she may speak fast, don't be afraid to ask them to repeat their question. As a sidenote, there were people especially girls who were speaking loudly in such an unnatural manner it was funny. Trying to act like an American would absolutely not give you any edge; infact there's a danger it may backfire.

I left with Uncle at about 6:45 AM who was very nice through the trip and kept encouraging me for the Visa. I reached in about 40 minutes and all of a sudden it started raining hard. I didn't have an umbrella but I didn't really need it as I jumped into the waiting area immediately. I deposited my mobile phone there and purchased the shuttle ticket and jumped inside. It was still raining a lot. When I reached the embassy I was directed to the waiting room and after a while, my finger prints were taken biometrically and I was directed to the Visa interview place. I was surprised that even at about 8:00 AM there were so many people already. There were about 12 bank-counter type interview hubs of which first 8 were for immigrant Visas and last four for non-immigrant Visas. It was surprising to see how many people apply for US immigration, a lot more probably than for Visitor Visas. I sat there waiting for a long time. About two hours to be exact. Some interviews were going unusually long , with average times of about 10 minutes and as much as 30 minutes in which the interviewee was also asked to show some family pictures, and he showed virtually his whole marriage photo album and probably most other documents. There was also another interview where someone was going for a business purpose, probably to learn some new marketting techniques, and he was asked to narrate in a greatly detailed manner, where he is employed, what exactly he does and what he expects to learn in US about marketting. It was very detailed and he kept speaking for atleast 10-12 minutes on that one question only. He was probably given the Visa as he was very confident and informed about his purpose and what he hoped to achieve, and the fact he was perfectly happy and satisfied by his job in Pakistan. There were atleast two cases, where there was a couple wanting to go to US to visit the husband's brother, and another woman wanting to go to support her father who had some cardiac condition. She was granted the Visa and when she passed infront of me, I noticed a distinct smile on her face, which was slightly objectionable in my opinion as she tried to sound genuinely concerned infront of the VO about her father's condition. There were also some other students who wanted an F-Visa type. My purpose to tell you all of this is that you should be prepared to answer also in detail where and why you want to go to US and what you hope to achieve. Additionally you should have strong reasons to come straight back to Pakistan. Your college transcripts are a strong reason.

Finally my turn came and I went for the interview. Here's how it went:

VO: Why do you want to go US?

Me: I wish to attend a four-clinical clerkship at Thomas Jefferson University.

VO: So what would you be doing there?

Me: Clerkship in Neurosurgery.

VO: Tell me a bit more about it.

Me: I would be attending the wards with the physicians, preparing and presenting cases in conferences, and learn new surgical techniques.

VO: So you're a physician?

Me: No I am a medical student at KEMU.

VO: Who would be supporting you?

Me: My father

VO: How long do you intend to stay?

Me: Only four weeks

VO: Do you have any relatives in US?

Me: Only distant ones.

Then he typed something onto his computer for about 2 minutes, picked up a letter, stamped it and told me this:

VO: I have provisionally approved your Visa. It would have to undergo administrative clearance now. It may take some time but hopefully it shouldn't be more than 2 weeks. There's very little chance that your Visa may be rejected on clearance so hopefully everything's should be fine. Here's a letter that explains what would be happening.

Me: When can I expect to pick my passport?

VO: After clearance, you would receive a call from American Express asking you to pick your passport.

Me: Thankyou very much!

VO: You're welcome!

That's it! He didn't ask for any document which was a bit of a surprise but because I had four neatly arranged files with all important documents, this must have had an impact that I had brought all important evidence of where I'd be going, for what purpose, for what duration and the fact I would be coming back as soon as the purpose of trip is over. I had realized I didn't ask him for the duration of Visa!

Six days later, I received a call from American Express. I went and opened my passport to see they had stamped a five-year multiple B1/B2 Visa type.

That day, it was still raining hard. Infact about half a foot worth of water came inside the embassy waiting room. So there's 150mm rain right inside the US embassy! The guard had placed some plastic tables and all of us whose interviews were done, hopped onto the tables and made our way out to find the shuttle waiting. Thankfully rain had temporarily stopped but as soon as I jumped into the bus, it started again. By the time I reached the enclave parking, rain stopped again and I made my way into a taxi who charged me a lot. I bargained with him for about 10 minutes when I finally reached my destination but my mistake was, that I didn't settle the charges before picking it up. Eventually I payed him some extra so that I can finally jump out of that broken taxi car. I decided to stay another night at Umar's place.

There had to be some way in order to celebrate with my greatest friend of all times. Thankfully I had my Sony Playstation Portable so we both decided to share the gameplay. Eventually I also downloaded chess and tic-tac-toe in my mobile and both resulted in embarrassing wipeouts for Umar bhai, not to mention he BARELY won 3-1 with Arsenal in FIFA 10 against the lowest ranked opposition at the easiest difficulty level (debutant). I just wondered, how much he might have suffered if he actually matched against me instead of Artificial intelligence of computer, in FIFA 10? Well, then there was also some talk about Step 1 and electives and then the whole time just passed like that till next morning, when I finally left for home. Interestingly, it AGAIN started raining when I was boarding the bus and it looked like rain had a special agenda against me all that time around. I left the rain behind me, and finally reached Lahore where I challenged rain to come again. And it didn't. Funny enough, 4 days later it DID and totally rocked me on my motorbike on my way home from college. I lose. Rain win. Never mock the heavens.

So there it is, all my experience was about for the US Visa. Next to follow is the type of questions you may be asked.

Questions you should be prepared to answer (with answers pertaining to my particular case)

1. Why did you choose Thomas Jefferson?

A. My course instructor, Dr. Robert Rossenwasser - the chief of Neurosurgery, is an expert in vascular neurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology both of which are subjects I wish to specialize and research into at a later stage in my career.

2. Why did you choose US?

A. US training in surgical specialties is very highly recognized and appreciated in Pakistan and I would like to transfer skills I acquire in US to help modernize healthcare in Pakistan.

3. Where do you intend to stay in US?

A. At my university campus (I intended to show a print-out from Thomas Jefferson showing campus residence details at this stage).

4. Why don't you stay at your relatives' place?

A. I do not know them well enough to request accommodation at their place. (NOTE: Relative status acquires much more importance when they're close. By close, as mentioned on DS-160 form, it means either parents, siblings or children. If you have any of these in US, I think it's advisable that you do mention it on DS-160 and also to the VO. This may go against your Visa case but it's better to stay honest and clear. If anyone else has a different opinion regarding this matter, please mention below in comments so that others may get an idea on it).

5. Would you come back to Pakistan?

A. (Final exams, internships etc provide a good reason).

6. Have you done Step 1?

A. Yes. (There's no harm in mentioning that)

7. So you intend to pursue a residency?

A. Yes. But for the moment, I have to attend to exams/housejob/interships in Pakistan before I can finalize my plans to complete my USMLE examinations and apply for residency. (Again there's no harm in mentioning what you intend to do in future. But be careful not to sound overly ambitious about your plans. Stay clear and to the point and especially highlight the fact you have important business to attend in Pakistan or India).

8. Why are you attending a clerkship in neurosurgery? Are there no clerkships available in Pakistan?

A. There is generally a lack of good training in neurosurgery in Pakistan because it is a very highly specialized field that requires intensive time commitment and financial investment to establish in a hospital. Because US Hospitals are so well equipped with new technology, it would be profitable to learn and train in US and help strengthen this field in Pakistan. Because US Hospitals constantly update their management protocols with new knowledge and research, it would be helpful to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired in US to Pakistani hospitals so that the patients suffering from neurosurgical diseases can benefit.

9. Where is Thomas Jefferson?

A. Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania.

10. Tell me a bit more about the location.

A. Center City, Philadelphia. Walnut Street.

11. Do you plan to visit your relatives?

A. No, I don't know them well enough. (You can modify your answers accordingly. There's no harm in mentioning you might visit your relatives but just be careful that you answer every following question carefully and stress upon the fact you would definitely come back to your home country).

12. Do you wish to settle permanently in US?

A. At the moment I am only planning to complete my clerkship and come back for (exams/housejob/internships/degree).

13. What do your parents do?

A. (Mention about employment - preferably show an employment letter here too. You may be asked to show bank statement here too so be ready).

14. What do your siblings do?

A. (Give details of their education/employment and location)

15. What are electives?

A. A short period of clinical training in a US hospital.

16. You're a student so why are you applying for a B1/B2 visa?

A. (Here show a print-out from university mentioning all visiting foreign students need to attend on a B1 visa type).

Any more question you would have liked to be discussed here, please include in the comments and I'd add here.

Some more tips and tricks with myths:

Be totally confident. You're a doctor and you're supposed to remain confident, and speak in a polite and decent manner. If for instance you are not granted the Visa, arguing with the VO would not change the outcome. Simply walk out and re-apply and there's a high chance you would get the Visa the next time. Your case to visit US is a genuine one for the sake of working/learning in a US Hospital and the only way your Visa would be rejected is either when you're plain unlucky, or you commit a blunder. A statement that mentions you have plans to stay in US is a blunder. A statement that mentions you are not sure when you would come back to your home country after completion of electives is another blunder.

If your visa is or has been rejected in the past, this never means you can't get Visa with another try. As you can read in other guidance articles and comments on this website, there are few who have been rejected Visa for Step 2 CS, only to be given on a second application for Visa. I have a friend who was rejected on first try for electives, but he got the Visa on second attempt. By all means re-apply and preferably using the same acceptance letter. If date for electives has passed, you can simply apply on basis of another acceptance mentioning that your time for electives has passed, or delay your electives to a later date.

What you must NOT do infront of VO is brag about anything. Don't brag about your profession, don't brag about your USMLE scores, don't brag about where you got the electives. The VO knows very well about various hospitals and institutions. After all, they're all based in HIS home country! Such bragging may become a reason for repetitive rejections. Stay calm, polite and gentle in your interview. Stay to the point and answer exactly what has been asked. Preferably show your documents only when the VO wishes to have a look at them. If you are going for electives at Mayo Clinic for example, the VO knows very well that it's the premiere institution and hospital in US that has no parallel. There is absolutely no need to mention how good it is!

Your documents must be neatly arranged and tabbed for easily retrieval. The VO would definitely give you time to take out your documents but it's better if you can just take it out quickly and show.

Don't actually ask for a 5 year or a 10 year multiple Visa! Just mention your duration of stay in US and that's all. You may ask how much duration has been granted. It depends what VO and embassy decide should be the duration of your Visa and whether it's multiple entry or single entry. If you get only a 3 month Visa and perhaps need more to go for another elective at a later date, definitely apply again and this time because you had already gone to US and come back as well, your case again becomes a very strong one to be granted Visa again.

As I mentioned already, be dressed well. Although it actually doesn't matter if you go wearing jeans, but by all means dress like a doctor would. Your dress and hairstyle should be neat in your Visa Photo as well. All these things do have a positive impact, making a statement of how well organized a person you are.

Good luck in the pursuit of your ambitions and career!



B2 Visa for my wife!


I have a 5years multiple entries B1/B2 visa sponsored by my office. Can my wife and two years old daughter apply for visa on this base?

Help needed

 Hi Guys

I have a question, my sister is currently visiting USA and intends to be back in next few days, should i mention her under the Relatives in US section of the form?

Hi Ayaz,     I also got

Hi Ayaz,

    I also got accpted by Neurosurgery Department at Jefferson. Is there anyway I can contact you?

    Thank you!


Need to guide me

AOA I need information about my bro residence in USA Chicago with his wife or two children’s is under 12 last 17 years suddenly he is seriously ill in brain cancer he is under treatment is it possible to embassy is issue B1/B2 visa for me or my wife I have a sponsorship letter plz guide me about this my problem 

About bank statement


Can anybody guide me please how much and how long we have to maintain bank staement before applying visa for electives?

5 years visa multiple entry

Hi Sir,

this is a wonderful website, but i dont know why people dont ask about this question......... If you have 5years multiple entry to the USA, when you reach to the boarder,  Homeland security  give you ONLY six month  entry, so that means you need to get of the contry in that time period, if not that 5years visa is expire and you cant  use it to travel back incase you go back  to your country, my question is that  what do you have to do if  want to stay for all the 5 years without your visa been expire????


I have 5 years multiple entry, when I first came they give me six month entry i went back to my contry  and travel back and they gave me another  six month entry again, I was wondering if I go back the next time and travel back will they give me ONLY six month???


aoa hru i recently get my usa visa first time my wife too we both have visa first time its just visit visa bcz my cousin in usa so we go to visit.i just ask ths i hav 2 kids under 11 now i want their visa so cn i apply before going or whn i me and my wife back thn appy fr kids pls inform me.and pls tell whn u get 5 years visa in wch time u hav to fly.between 5 years any time or in 6 months

to know the information about 5yrs multipal visa

To know the  information about  the multiple visa  of  5yrs where we  can apply in  any time or  not.And         also  we  can apply my visa    after 5yrs  also  or  not.

Multiple Entry

 Dear sir/maam,

   I'am working in US base camp from 4years.can i get chance to work in us...

   Thank you.

   Rajesh shah

Tuition fee waiver


is there a tuition fee waiver that we can request from the dept. we apply. $750 is quite hefty on my pocket?

5 years Multiple entry B1/B2

thanks ayaz bhai for the help, i appeared for visa interview on monday this week and got a call on wednesday,  got the 5 years multiple entry visa approved in a record time of 1 day ahahah.. All Praise be to Allah. 
they didnt ask me many questions and just asked me to show the Northwestern Document , the elective for which i got approved. 

Many many congrats!

umar's picture

Many many congrats!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

visa b1 b2

hi how r u sir i have got bi b2 visa for 5 years i want to know what can i do in this visa in USA can i stay there for 5 years if my business takes much time there and if my finance is low then can i do a job there ? pls assist me thanx  

no... you cannot work on

umar's picture

no... you cannot work on b1/b2 visa...

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

my visa experience..

hai everybody,

just now i got my visa approval and i want to share my experience here ,so that atleast someone can get benefit from it...

my interview appointment is at 9:00am.

i reached there by in hyderabad,we have problem for parking it took some 15mins for me to check for a new place and park my car.

then i walked into the area ,1st there is a tollgate only visa candidates are allowed to go beyond that.

then i stood in a line outside the consulate ,there watchman takes our hdfc receipt,appointment letter and passport and verifies that we are the person in all the three(passport,ceac letter,and u)

then he allowed me inside.then they gave me a white plastic tray to keep all my belongings i.e evrything with u except ur dress.then they will send that tray and you through electronic surveillance.

i had only belt and documents to put into the tray,nothing other than that.

then inside at a counter they took my passport,appointment letter,caec letter,removed one barcode from hdfc receipt and attached it to passport.then they asked me stand at counter num.9 here we have to give our fingerprints.after fingerprints they asked me to sit in waiting area.while going to waiting area they gave me a token number.then they are announcing the token numbers and the counter to which they should go.

they called my token number and announced to go to counter num 10.i went and stood at the counter behind the person who is being interviwed.there is a line and i stood behind it.

then the v.o asked me to come by signalling with his hand.

i went to the counter

he is an young ,white.

my interview....

me:hello sir good morning (with smiling face and eye contact) and gave the appointment letter and passport.

vo:hello ,good morning .why are going to u.s

me:i have been selected for a 4 weeks clerkship program at illinois.

vo:why are you going there?

me:I am a medical student and attending this program so i can improve my clinical skills a lot .i can also get exposed to evidence based medicine.

vo:wher are u studying?

me at osmania medical college ,hyderabad.

vo:u have completed ur 4 years of study and still u have 1 more year..?

me:no sir , i will complete by may 2011.

vo:who is sposoring ur trip?

me:my father is sponsoring.

vo:what does he do?

me:he is a central govt. employee,working in the telephone department.

vo:what is his annual income?

me:he earns around 6,70,000 annually.

vo:how many brothers do u have ?

me:(i didnt understand the question well and i am going to give my financial documents)

vo:no sir ,not that i am asking u how many brothers do u have?

me:i dont have any brothers.i have only 1 sister ,she got married and she is working at banglore at present. me ur offer letter.

me:here is my offer letter.

vo:he saw through it back and front twice and said ok ur visa has been approved.have a nice day.

me:thank youn very much sir.

i came cheering ....

Anil, thanks a lot for

umar's picture

Anil, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. If you would like to get your experience to be published as a full article with author access to the website, please email the article to me at

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.







Visa Info

Hello Ayaz Bhai,

My 2 elder Brothers are in USA. One is doing job in Bank and one is working on Electronics shop as a sales man. We are applying for Visitor Visa for Parents. My Father is cardic pateint and got paralization attack 2 years before. He can't walk alone yet. Will the get visa to see their children. We 4 children will stay in pakistan and its a solid reason. Can you tell me how much bank statement we need for visit visa?


Nabeel Bhatti


Dear Ayaz Bhai , Thank you

Dear Ayaz Bhai ,

Thank you for your wonderful guidance , I have been accepted in Northwestern and am applying for B1 visa and have a few doubts .

1) Sir my aunty stays in US do I need to mention about her in the form ? and if the VO asks me if I would visit her should i say yes ?

2) I have not given Step 1 , If the VO asks me whether I am interested in doing residency in US should i say YES ? or say its just to improve my clinical skills .

3)Sir I am still awaiting relpies from other colleges so if I ask for a visa on the accepted one and then instead of attending there I accept an elective of another college, would that create any problem ? will i be able to use the same visa ?

Thank you Sir ..

1. If you aunt is a very

ayaz's picture

1. If you aunt is a very close relative, you can mention it. If not, there's no need.

2. The answer to this question is YES. Tell them all about your plans. What you actually need to stress on is that you must come back to Pakistan first to do your internship and initial residency before you embark on residency in America. There's no harm telling them of your plans. It only clarifies your honest intentions.

3. That won't be a problem. Just keep a record of all acceptances you get.

1)do they  give 5 yr multiple

1)do they  give 5 yr multiple entry visa even if we apply for4 week elective ?if nt hw many weeks do they least give?

2)am in china im plannin to do electives n give CS at the same time ?with what intent shud i apply CS or visiting student electives?

help me expecting quick reply

1. 5 year appears to be the

ayaz's picture

1. 5 year appears to be the maximum Pakistanis get. I think the least they give is 3 months. As an applicant, you are supposed to only mention the duration for which you intend to stay in US.

2. You can apply with both intents.


hey,,,in whch mnth did u get ayaz??? i got neurosurgery in thomas jefferson  for january mnth...if u are already done with it,,i want some guidance from you....

 I'm done with it on

ayaz's picture

 I'm done with it on September. Most welcome. I had a guy from Dow along side me, and another from Dow for the next rotation.

hey how much elective fee did

hey how much elective fee did u have to pay for this neurosurgery elective?

750 US$

ayaz's picture

750 US$

Hello sir, I recently got

Hello sir,

I recently got accepted into Brown to do an elective.i have to apply for my visa and tickets at the earliest.The thing is My fiance works in U.S.So will it reduce my chances to get a visa even if i say that i would visit him.My father would be financing me for visa ticket etc.But he is presently working in what proof do i have to show?pls help me out.

hi there,      I am student

hi there,

     I am student at Quaid-e-azam medical college,Pakistan.I have been accepted for cardio and gastro rotations at Ochsner Clinic Foundation for next year requiring B-1 Visa.I m also expecting rotations at Weill Cornell( B-1Visa) and Mount Sinai- new york (F-1 Visa). Thing is, rotations at Mount Sinai at very last.

         So, please how can i apply for both(F-1&B-1) Visa types in one application and interview ?

        Please reply ASAP.

m not sure... consult some

umar's picture

m not sure... consult some expert...

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

hi. is ur college lcme

hi. is ur college lcme accridited? oshner web site says u need to be in one? plz clarify my doubts?

thomas jefferson

Congrats on your visa and elective! Hope you have a great time while at it. Please also advise where to find the application form for thomas jefferson electives since I've looked hard into it but can't find it on their website.

Email the University's

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Email the University's registrar at and give your personal details, choice of elective and request them to send you the application packet by email. It is not available on the website.

Good luck.

Many congrats on your success

Many congrats on your success and thnx for sharing the experience. Firstly, can you plz confirm if the interviews r carried out in Karachi? Next, how much amount do they expect to be in the bank account and do they want just the statement or last 30 days transactions? lastly, i have a sister and an uncle in the US, so should i tell them?

I have a fellow Pakistani

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I have a fellow Pakistani with me who is from Karachi. He states that he had to visit Islamabad for his Visa interview because they only take interviews from people above the age of 65. By all means, you should personally confirm this fact from the Karachi US embassy. Your bank statement shows the majority of transactions. You should typically have enough credit to support yourself adequately in US. They can expect above 2500$ for a one month stay in US so you can have something like 4000$ bank deposit or transactions in total and be on the safe side. You can skip telling them on your uncle, but because your sister qualifies as your "immediate relative", you would have to inform them. "Immediate relatives" are siblings, parents and children. Uncles, cousins etc qualify as distant relatives.

Good luck.


 hi guys .. i need some urgent help out here.. i got accepted for a hemat elective at cornell for the month of october. since i just got accepted i need to apply for my visa and tickets really quick ..

i heard that recently there s been quite a lot of mortality with respect to granting B1 visas for elective purposes..they just cant seem to understand why we would want to go on a visitors visa even though we show them the univ requirements.. WOuld it be wiser if i apply for a visitors visa saying the purpose of my trip is to visit my aunt in the US? that is if she sends a sponsorship letter ? please guide me i am very confused.. 

hi... dont lie...

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hi... dont lie... universities have strict visa requirements for electives... if a uni states u have to do electives on b1 visa then u can only apply for b1 visa...

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

Visit purpose for visiting

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Visit purpose for visiting relatives has a much higher mortality than visit visa for electives. Because she's your aunt, she does not qualify as an immediate relative but you can still mention her name and verification of support in "distant relatives" if you wish. Also, there's a file showing an excerpt from the official US Embassy document correlating purpose of visit with the type of VISA to be acquired from the US embassy, attached with one of the VISA guidance articles. By all means, download that and take a print out. It clearly shows you need to apply for B1 VISA to visit US for clinical clerkships.

Good luck.

where us the link to this document i cant seem to find it ne whr


Hi umarbhai.. I heartly thank

Hi umarbhai.. I heartly thank you and all other buddies to provide such a huge support. I have got acceptance from Thomas Jefferson University for Nephrology Elective in the month of February.

Please suggest me when I should apply for visa? Is there any time duration before which I cannot apply for B1 visa? 

Congratulations. Apply as

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Congratulations. Apply as soon as possible. You should get your VISA back within 2 weeks but you never still know; they might take as many as several months to process and clear VISAs.

So apply right now. Take a print out of the acceptance email and start preparing your documents.

Well replied Ayaz! I second

umar's picture

Well replied Ayaz! I second Ayaz's reply!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

UCSD & NIH elective

Hey !

I'd like to know if someone got an elective at UCSD ... I have 117 on TOEFL and am taking Step 1 in Nov ... I also wanna know, whether I could apply to NIH - I have NO research experience though.

If someone got UCSD/NIH, please advise ! Thank you !

You can certainly apply at

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You can certainly apply at both NIH and UCSD... and can be accepted if you are fortunate enough...

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

Thank you !

Thank you ! I will be sure to put up my experiences here, I have been through all the pages & it was a real help. I've just begun things, & hopefully, if I do well, I will be glad to share my insights, like others.

Super success !

hi difficult is it to

hi difficult is it to get such a score in toefl?on what lines the preparation should be done to get good scorein toefl?


Books: Barron's, Princeton (with practice CDs)

Schooling: English. This is an important factor. As also is your use & comfort with English.

Special tips for exam:

1.Reading: Don't read the whole passage first. Scroll down & straight away head for the 1st question-passage is always available for you to refer. You'll save time.

2.Speaking: On a piece of paper, enlist points on which you want to speak. Have just enough points, not more, not less. Be calm & collected-your speech is more important than the intellectuality of its content.

3.Listening & Writing: They need no tips.

TOEFL is just a qualifying exam - a higher score does not promise acceptance. Do not get intimidated or be overconfident, upon receiving your score. Keep a "level head" at all times, no matter what - it's an art you learn gradually.

Best wishes,


Dear Visitor

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TOEFL is more to do with how much you have developed your language over the previous years rather than an effort concentrated over a limited time. Still, the latter helps. Try buying some TOEFL books like Princeton along with their CD/DVD media which would contain speaking and listening exercises. Practicing these two components helps improve the score. For reading and writing, simple studying of the book should be of a lot of help.

The most important part is practicing speaking in a limited time. So know the format of the exam very well.

congrats Ayaz!!! I want to

congrats Ayaz!!!

I want to know is TOEFL strict  requirement at jefferson even if medium of instruction is english because its written on form that u should have ur toefl or state exam or usmle scores

Is this the right time to apply for months of march april 2011

Dear Prabh

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I am not sure if TOEFL is an absolute requirement. By all means, email Miss Sheryl High and ask to confirm but probably your transcripts mentioning your English proficiency may be enough. TOEFL scores might strengthen your application somewhat. Apply as soon as possible as seats may get filled up.

Thanx for a quick reply but

Thanx for a quick reply

but the email of Sheryl on form is not correct,cud u please share that if u know the correct one.

and also there is a column asking for dpt, do we have to get a fresh pertussis vaccination done,also they say u shd show proof of finances so wat can be a acceptable document for that .do they agree if we want to take malpractice insurance after acceptance

Sheryl's email is

ayaz's picture

Sheryl's email is

In department, add the name of department such as Otolaryngology, and the name of department chief. Your vaccinations should be updated and typically a pertussis booster should do. For finances, you can simply show a copy of bank deposit. If you have a bank statement copy, you can show that too. I think you only have to show them a quote of malpractice insurance saying you'd purchase it upon being granted acceptance.

Thanx ayaz bhai!!

Thanx ayaz bhai!!

congrats ayaz!!! is TOEFL

congrats ayaz!!!

is TOEFL absolute requirement in jefferson even if medium of instruction is english coz it is written on form that u should have your toefl or state exam or usmle score.

wudnt the state exam score be enough and also is it right tym to apply for march april 2011.

ayaaz bhai congrats on being

ayaaz bhai congrats on being on the road to america for electives.i wanted to ask what are the prerequisites for the neurosurgery electives at the thomas jefferson university and how many months earlier you applied from the date of start of your electives?

Dear Visitor

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There are no special prerequisites apart from TOEFL being a requirement, and a preference for USMLE Step 1 which can be waived off by showing your basic sciences score in your medical school. I applied at the end of April. I think I was lucky the spot wasn't already filled but there is a tuition fees of 750$ per month attached.

hello ayaz.. so how do u rate

hello ayaz..

so how do u rate electives at jefferson? and what r d chances of getting it? i want t apply for sep-oct. but have t give my step in august first. so im confused if i should apply or not as is takes a lot of time n im preparing for my exam also. have already applied to cornell, northwestern, yale and mount sinai.

already got their application material for medicine.

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