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Visa Experience

In the name of God the most Gracious, the most Merciful,

My interview didn’t have anything remarkable apart from the fact that it was too short and I got the visa, so I thought let me add some other details here for those of you coming to Delhi. Others may skip reading this!!

I had my interview on one these chilly and foggy January mornings at Delhi.

Well, I would, like everyone else here thank Dr Umar for this wonderful website. The experience of others does boost your confidence!

I had gone through all the experiences (in fact i took a printout of it and read it like a book!!) on this site but I found that Delhi’s are less in number.

I study at Delhi so that was a thing I found lacking. I didn't know the exact location, the directions, mode of transit to, and most of all how to find the correct entry point once i get there (very childish concerns, you see :-P) and of course like everyone else here i WAS scared of a rejection too!!

So that day, i woke up at 5, got dressed (it was too cold to sport only a suit, i wore a shirt, pants, a tie, stuffed myself with innerwear!!! and a jacket on top, i didn't have a "formal" coat and of course wore my adidas sport shoes-BLACK {& yellow})

I took the security guidelines too seriously..."no battery operated devices" no watch either....what if they confiscate..ha ha!!

My friend dropped me at metro station, boarded the first train leaving at 0602 was still dark . I thought may be i made a mistake by leaving so early...

The metro station nearest to the embassy is "Race Course" (yellow line, 1 or 2 stops after central sectt). Reached there at 0640hrs. It was freezing outside so i thought of not checking out till 7. I sat at the platform and revised my most important documents.

Outside it was still dark and foggy. Auto rickshaws keep shuttling on that road so you won't have much problem, just shout
"auto" and they'll (most of them will) stop. Ask for American embassy?....Panchseel Marg??....Shanti Path?’s about 2-2.5
...(courtesy gmaps!!)

Now the auto dropped me at the main gate...he himself didn't know the exact location..and still charged me 50..:( .. The Constable nr his
car asked in his accent...sirjee vija k liye aae ho na??....aagge se jaa k right ho jana..aath (8) baje hi was 710 then.

I walked along the "great wall" of the embassy and turned right, security guards told me to go to gate#** There I found the crowd
everyone talks of...simpletons, kids, elderlies, newlyweds, "corporates"!! many people... every day..!!!

Then i realized, i was just in time, the moment i reached there the guards announced, that all those who have their scheduled
appointments at 8 to form was 720 then.

We formed the queues; the security people checked our name on their list and directed us in. I entered the door meant for the non US citizens...God!! What was it made of...It was so i was plastic bag x-rayed..and i entered a "hall" with "semi-open" roof (that word immediately came to mind when i looked up!!) a lady  (Indian) standing there took my passport, vfs appointment, cofrmn letter, blue hdfc recpt and printed out a token and stapled all together...yes she didn't ask for my photo...??

And she directed me to the hall....the same hall described as a "sophisticated post office" (so apt a description!)

There, based on your token number you are told to go a counter, this is screening or prescreening. Not sure what they call it. Here an
Indian official will check the receipt,appntmnt letter, confrmn letter and passport. Ask you a few questions to confirm your ID and write a no. on your
confrmn letter.

10-15 mins later was our fingerprinting....and then I waited for my token number to flash on the display panels...and then 40 minutes,,,and
it flashed...

The VO was a young African American lady in late 20s or early 30s...

Me: (smile) good morning

VO: (no reply

VO: your passport, and application (ie the confrmn+appntmnt

me: here (i slid them through the slit)

VO: why do you wanna go to US?

me: to do my electives in ***** at ***** university and to appear for my step 2 clinical skills exam....( a senior had told me not to use abbreviation ie cs)..i m also awaiting acceptance from 2 other universities in new

vo: is it a medical elective or something?

me: yes

VO: what does your father do?

me: he's a general surgeon


vo: what do u do

me: i m a medical yr medical student..


vo: ok your visa has bn issued and your passport will reach
u within 5 days...

me: .......ok....


i was like....what?????????...did she just say yes????


hardly took 2 or max 4 minutes!!

God knows what comes on their screens and what do they type...and what is their criteria....but who cares.. I’m grateful that i got
approved...i didn't ask there what the duration was...i thought let it be a surprise....5 months or 5 yrs...

i came out of the hall again into that "semi-open roof" had some coffee and some other eating stuff...bought a georgia "latte" for 40 bucks!!...chocolates in the fridge?.....sir 80 rupees...arey yaar rehne do....bass coffee mein cheeni aur daal

and i was out was freezing cold...but i had that warmth inside...the warmth of happiness!!....walked down the street sipping on
that latte till the last drop!!...and walked 2-3 miles to race course station...i was getting impatient as i had to inform my anxious family, my
friends, my seniors....

reached my hostel did the Sajdah (prostration)...All Praise belongs to God...people call it luck,i call it God's help...

my  advice be confident...prepare your answers well...have an answer for every question they may ask should be able to explain...(though i wasn't asked any)...and do carry ALL the documents with you...i wasn't asked for cs letter no acceptance letter...

 and i received the passport, 10 yr multiple entry!!..ALHAMDOLILLAH

all the best pals....May God be with all of you...all the



Accomodation Query

Hi everyone, I have a query, I got confirmation for electives in CWRU, cleveland for 1 month, I don't know wat to fill in accomodation in DS-160 form as university don't provide any accomodation. I have a frnd over their who can say that he will share his accomodation with me. can any1 guide me wat all documents are required to support this during my visa interview. it would be very helpful if someone could give me advise. Thank you in anticipation.

Visa experience

Hey zia here, I wanna talk abt my b1/b2 visa experience. I had been rejected twice, once in 2001 when my whole family applied and three months back when i had applied with my mom for the purpose of tourism. Now I had an elective in LIJ and i was very worried whether i should apply again coz of the recent rejection and the bin laden issue so soon but reading ayaz's article and with the umer bhai's advice i reapplied. I got to the embassy and all of a sudden i was having panic attacks but as soon as I my token no called out and I arrived at the window. The vo was a guy and he was pretty friendly.

Me: good morning

vo: good morning

me: how r u doing?

vo: im good what abt u?

me: im good

vo: ok could u tell me y do u want to go to the US?

me: I have gotten accepted for a month's clerkship at the North shore university hospital

vo: ok and have u applied anywhere else?

me: (now i accidentally lied but i advice everyone not to lie coz they know when ure lying) I have applied to NW too but they take 6-7 months to reply

Vo: How did u get this clerkship?

Me; it was all an online process and i had to send my CV and this is how i got it

vo: what are ure plans after this?

Me: I plan to come back, give my final yr exams and graduate, do a yr's internship and then apply for my USMLEs

vo: and who's going to pay for all this

me: my mother

then for 5 mins he kept typing something on his pc

vo: everything seems to be in order but in your case it has to go under security clearance (thats what they say to almost everyone) and he gave me a white paper stating stuff abt security clearance

me: Sir I have a question (it was a stupid one but i wasnt sure that i had the visa yet) 

vo: go ahead

me: do i need to collect my passport from the american express after the clearance

vo: yes

Now i just hope that my passport comes in time but i doubt it coz the security clearance process is might take weeks to months but at least u have the verbal visa approval

my advice is to read the article by ayaz thoroughly, it helped me a lot.

Some pointers which i think may help:

  • dont lie
  • speak to the point
  • practice in front of the mirror and make eye contact with the VO
  • dont have pre-conformed notions before goin to the interview...its mostly pre-decided, the interview is a formality
  • check your form 3-4 times after uve filled it and get it checked by ure mom or dad
  • take all ure documents 
  • dont argue with the VO if you get a apply
  • i learnt that when u reapply with a different purpose then the chances of getting a visa are higher 
  • apply early coz security process is unpredictable
  • lastly, have faith in God, a rejection doesnt mean that the option of goin to the US is closed, u can reapply.

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