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Visa experience from Chennai consulate- Ten year multiple entry

by Nikhil Madhuripan



I just received my then year multiple entry B1/B2 from the Chennai consulate and I wanted to place on record my thanks to all the contributors on and Dr. Umar for this wonderful resource.


I’ll just sum up my experience as there is not much of a need to go through it in detail again. I based my preparation solely on and immihelp. You could also refer path2usa (I didn’t use it). I went through all visa guidance and comments, and they help immensely to feel prepared. 

Visa fee is to be paid at designated HDFC

DS-160 is to be filled from the link, and interview is to be scheduled from the link.

Immihelp has a guidance page for filling DS-160 in the link.

I will walk through my Chennai interview in some detail as it might help someone out.

I arrived at the airport and it is around 12 km to the embassy. By bus- No 18a will take you to a stop near Gemini circle on Mount road(Anna salai). Auto rickshaw can be had at around Rs 175/- after haggling. If by bus, after arriving you can take an auto and request them to take you to a hotel if you have not already booked (it is best to book early as hotels near the consulate might be full). I stayed at Century residency opposite the consulate.

I had my interview at the Chennai consulate at 0930 am. I wore a formal shirt and a tie. I arrived at 0900 to find a very long line already formed. I walked up to the Security guard and informed my interview time and he took me to the front of the line. I would advice telling a guard about your interview time in case it is nearing before you take your place on the line. I handed over my CEAC confirmation, Interview letter and passport and they issued me a token. There are security checks and then you are lead in. Watches and wallets are allowed. 

I was lead into a room (Sophisticated post office as already aptly nicknamed in another thead ) where I waited my turn to meet an Indian officer who sorted through my documents. He caught me off guard by asking me to submit all documents. I had this huge file with sorted and labelled documents, which were mostly un/?necessary  and I was unsure which ones he wanted. I handed over the main ones(acceptance, deans letter) and since he didn’t look satisfied, I handed over most other stuff(marklists, affidavit of support, finance etc). He took a look at the photo I had used and told me that  the frame of my spectacles were cutting my eyeballs and I needed to have another picture taken at the photo booth inside the embassy. He also asked me if I had hundred rupees with me and judging from his kind tone, he sounded like he would waive the fee if I didn’t have it (a quick reminder here of the necessity to carry money). I proceeded to the photo booth where the person took a picture without my glasses on. (you could consider this while having your picture taken in the first place). I got the photo within fifteen minutes.

Then I had my fingerprints recorded and then proceeded to the next building where the actual interviews took place. I didn’t have to wait long and I was called to an interview booth. My Visa officer was a young lady who was quite pleasant in conversation and had incidentally graduated from the same university I was applying to. I summarised my application, (regarding being a student and what the elective was and that I would have to return to get my degree). She casually talked about the place the university was situated in and went into specifics about the street where the medical school and her college were. I actually didn’t know the name of the street and I told her I know that it is in Downtown Chicago, and I don’t exactly know the place since I have not visited the place before(I wrote this as when she asked, it sounded like a question to catch me off guard). She was ok with my answer and asked who would sponsor my trip to which I replied, my parents. I offered to show documents to support after each answer but she said it was fine. She also asked how long I intended to stay and I replied one month. Then she went on to say my visa has been approved and I left with a thanks and a smile. The officer keeps the passport and it is mailed to you in a few days. I got mine after 3 days. 

List of documents

Already covered exhaustively, but I’ll add the list I compiled.

Passport and its copy, old passport if any

US Medical school invitation letter

Email correspondances with co ordinator

Affidavit of self -non immigrant intent

Affidavit of support from parents(Affidavits I used were notarised on a Rs 100/- stamp paper. Some say notarisation is not required and signed declaration is all that is needed.)

Deans letter(NOC, leave sanction, requirement to return to be eligible for degree)

Details of Accommodation in USA

Medical school transcripts

Photo- printed copy(not a requirement), photo album of family and home.

Copy of parents passports signed by them as true copy


Pass books of parents account or statement of holdings from branch manager

Bank statement, tax return form, property letter

Itinery from travel agent/printed itinery from travel websites

Toefl score

Printout from university website

Marksheets, final provisional certificate

Foreign affairs manual printout

College id card

Property documents of parents

Copy of application

Family tree- I didnt carry this, but mentioned in other threads.

Print out of elective catalog. 

Immunization certificate/ Lab reports.

Driving license.

Copy of everything.



Regarding getting multiple entry and 10 years, I had nothing in my application stating the need for either of them. It was an application for one month.  It is a matter of judgement from the side of the VO. Although I had considered mentioning about a second application that was under process in the same university so she would give more than one month which I had sent in later. In any case, the key seemed to be confident and knowledgeable about what you are doing and what your plans are on the visit. And be certain yourself that you are going to return after the specific time mentioned. It is difficult to reflect things on your face that you don’t believe in especially in front of these experienced officers. 

Also on a funny note, I had read in another thread about the Visa officer speaking fluent urdu. While I was standing in line, I got to see a Visa officer speak Tamil to an elderly couple. And I have to say his Tamil sounded better than mine  (My native language is Malayalam). I wouldn’t have been surprised if he spoke Malayalam as well. You have to respect the quality they bring to their job. 


I am attaching below a specific selection of questions/instructions for the interview compiled from experiences by various authors on this website. Full credits go to them. I myself have not personally created them except for few one line questions with no answers entered. I thought these questions were the most relevant. Sort of a High yield for B1/B2 



Read ds 160 submitted. Memorise details.


Read about elective specifically.


Why this university?


Why this department?


Why foreign elective?


Why are you attending a clerkship in neurosurgery? Are there no clerkships available in Pakistan?

A. There is generally a lack of good training in neurosurgery in Pakistan because it is a very highly specialized field that requires intensive time commitment and financial investment to establish in a hospital. Because US Hospitals are so well equipped with new technology, it would be profitable to learn and train in US and help strengthen this field in Pakistan. Because US Hospitals constantly update their management protocols with new knowledge and research, it would be helpful to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired in US to Pakistani hospitals so that the patients suffering from neurosurgical diseases can benefit.


What are your plans?

Residency from here, fellowship from there. 


Why residency from here?

I will consider residency from USA only if I get this specific specialty. And eventually I want to practice in my country.


Details about accommodation?


Documents supporting coming back?

MBBS degree expected date of graduation, requirement for graduation. Provisional certificate. 


Do you wish to settle permanently in US?

A. At the moment I am only planning to complete my clerkship and come back for (exams/housejob/internships/degree).


What do your siblings do?

A. (Give details of their education/employment and location)


What are electives?

A. A short period of clinical training in a US hospital.


You're a student so why are you applying for a B1/B2 visa?

A. (Here show a print-out from university mentioning all visiting foreign students need to attend on a B1 visa type).


i can also get exposed to evidence based medicine.


Fathers annual income?


why are you going there?

me:I am a medical student and attending this program so i can improve my clinical skills a lot .i can also get exposed to evidence based medicine.



VO- (smiling too!) Im fine. How are you?


(As soon as she asked about my well being, I felt very comfortable and all my anxiety was relieved)


Me- I am fine too! Thank you!


VO- So, why do you want to go to US?


Me- (With smile and enthusiasm) I have been selected by Weill Cornell Medical College at New York for a clinical elective!


VO- Good! So your rotations are at which hospital?


Me- Lincoln Medical


VO- In which part of NY?


Me- Bronx!

 What are clinical electives?


A- They are a short period of clinical training in the United States




Q- It’s a training? SO shouldn’t it be on a student VISA?


A- No, WCMC does not provide i-20 documents for F1 visa. They require students to come on a tourist VISA. Would you like to see the printouts of VISA requirements from their website?



Q- What exactly will you be doing there?


A- My job will be like that of a final year American Medical Student. I will be attending rounds, presenting cases, observing various procedures etc




Q- Will you be coming back after your electives?


A- Yes, definitely! I have not yet graduated yet! I will be completing my graduation after I come back. Would you like to see my Dean’s NOC which states the same?


Try to be confident! As Akshay already said, you are not a thief. On the contrary, you are going to pay them for electives. So their country is generating revenue from you!




Try to flash a smile and show enthusiasm. Going for electives is going to be an awesome experience for you. So, think about that fact and be truly enthusiastic! They like such people.



Be loud and clear, and try not talking too fast. And if you don’t understand what the VO said, don’t hesitate to ask- sorry, can you repeat again? Be calm throughout. Coz if you hesitate and mumble, he might become suspicious of your intentions.



Don’t forget to wish them Good morning. It would be better if you are the one who initiates the conversation.


VO: Yes, i know, but i mean they are ususally very competetive so how did u get it?

ME : I dont know, maybe because i had good scores and a good CV; (with a smile) and besides, someone has to be luckier than the rest!

How did you come to know about it?’
ME- ‘From the internet I knew about NIH, searched their programs and this was an opportunity for medical students and I got selected.’
VO-‘How long will you stay there?’
ME- ‘4 weeks’
. ‘Who is your course mentor there?’
ME- ‘Dr Caterina Minniti.’
All that matters to him is where and why are you going and how confidently you answer the questions. He was shooting straight Qs like an experienced sniper, intending to catch me off guard. But I think I had answered them fine.



Return date?


Elective coordinator?


What do you know about…………….Medical College?

elective are short period of training as a clinical practice in various medical

discipline under supervision of faculty physician and its only for undergraduate medical


what will be your credit ?

Me; In terms of financial there will be no credit, In terms of knowledge it will help me a

lot as and would expose me to latest trends and technologies in medical field that would

help me a lot in building a strong career.

As well I will get an evaluation form and LOR which will be helpful to me in future jobs.

VO; Ok. Will this credit be helpful in your graduation?

Me; no sir, this will help in taking my future fellowships.

- I will only if I get residency in neurology or else I will do my residency from here and go for fellowship in neurology in usa.


VO:bingo…..he asked me tell me the BEST case you have attended till today…


Me:yess….i knew he will ask something to check my tie in india…



lastly remember one visa interview wont decide your life so be confident and act smartly and keep smiling.



 hi congrats on getting your

 hi congrats on getting your visa , did u have to sign an affidivit or a bond to return after residency ??

My B1/B2 Visa Interview Experience

 Salaams dear Ayaz and Umar bhai..!!

It is with elation notified on ur website that I have been approved the Visa (B1/B2) for 5 years Multiple entry. I had an interview yesterday at Islamabad embassy. I owe this success first to God Almighty, then the Prophet's Progeny (PBUH), then to my family and most importantly to this website as well. I remember I went crazily over and over again on this webpage to get interview hints, read other's experiences. My interview lasted for hardly 2 minutes. It went like this:

Me: Hello, gudmorning sir?

VO: Hello how r you. So why r u going to US??

Me: Sir I have to appear in Clinical Skills exam of USMLE.

VO: have u done with your Step1?

Me: Yeah sir..

VO: May I see the Score Report.?

Me: Sure sir, here it is...

While I was sliding the score report through a very narrow passage under the mirror, he asked me:

"Have u done Clinical Knowledge part?

Me: No sir.

VO: Why not, why giving Clinical Skills first?

Me: Sir I am a Govt employee so I will be having leave issues if I go for this exam later that's why going for it now?? ( I had this reason: you guys may have another specific reason if u go for C.S after Step1)

VO: Oh...u have the least score in Behavioral Sciences. Hmm...(smilingly) atleast u r not going to be a Psychiatrist.

Me: Smilingly..yeah! I wanna be a Paediatrician.

VO: So u have any relatives in US?

Me: No sir.

VO: Where do u intend to live?

Me: New York, with Dr.XYZ

VO:  Doctorrrrr!! So u have relatives in US?

Me: No no sir. I do have friend, not relatives in US.

VO: What is ur exam site?

Me: Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia.

VO: How r u going to reach ur exam site from NYC?

Me: Both states r closer together, hence it would not take more than 2 hours by road.

VO: No no..I suggest u go by train!!

VO: So u r working in XYZ hospital?

Me: Yes sir..

VO: ok your visa will be approved. The duration is 5 years. I am giving u 5 year Multiple entry, this will help u to participate in MATCH as well....

Me: Thank you sir.

Clerkship Visa experience at Hyderabad, India

Hello. I found this site very useful on several issues. I just want to contribute something to it. So, I'm writing my B1/B2 visa experience at Hyderabad in brief. I hope this would be useful to some. 

First of all, to those who are applying for visa at Hyderabad, especially those who are from other places, it would be better if you could visit the Consulate office a day prior to the interview, just to check out the address. It turned out that the public there are not so familiar with the address of US consulate to guide you, and you may end up wandering all the streets in Begumpet area.

Ok. So I had my appointmet time at 8am, which I guess is the earliest of the day. I reached there by 7.40AM. I had all my documents perfectly arranged in well labelled file. I stood in the line just outside the consulate gate, with some 20 people ahead of me. When its my turn, my appointment letter and ID was checked at gate and I was sent in. There will be some sort of a lobby just inside the compound where people sit. Here you need to join the line that goes through the security checks. Except currency notes, you need to put everything else in a tray and walk through the detector. The security people will open your file, etc and discard things that are not allowed.(My chewing gum got discarded). After this, you can collect your things and then walk some distance towards the main building. At the entrance of this building, a man checks your appointment and directs you to a counter number **. In that counter, our application will be fed into their system. From here, you would be dircted to a big lobby where a guy attaches a token number to your application. There will be a screen on the wall which displays the token number and the corresponding counter number for the main interview. So, once your token number is displayed you can know which counter you would be interviewed at. A voice even announces this loudly, so you cannot miss this. So, finally when your number is announced you can go to the specific counter that is announced. From here, I'll tell my experience as it is.

When I went to the counter number **, I found that the previous guy was in the middle of his interview. I waited at a distance, listening. From what I heard, the guy was rejected earlier and this was his 2nd interview. The VO was asking what has changed since his last interview and why he should be accepted this time. I didnt even know if he was accepted or not. After he went away, the VO started typing for about a minute, during which I waited patiently. After he finished, he raised his head, gave a warm smile and gestured me to step forward. As I reached the counter,

VO: (With a smile) Hello. How are you?

Me:(With a fake smile) I'm fine. Thank you.

VO: So, why do you want to go to US?

Me:Sir, I'm a final year medical student accepted for clinical clerkship at ******** in the department of ****

VO: (Smiling)Oh thats good. How long is the duration of this program?

Me: Sir, its for 4 weeks.

VO: Ok. What will you be doing there?

Me: I gave somewhat elaborate answer, to which he listened patiently.

VO: Can I see the appointment letter?

Me: Ya sure. (Gave the letter to him)

He took a lot of time and went through every single line. (Or thats what I felt)

VO: You said you are a student. How can you attend this in the middle of the academic year?

Me: Sir, I had the permission from my principal for this. Once I finish this I should get back to my college to complete the course.

VO: Ok. Do you have your school transcripts?

Me: ya. Would you like to see them?

VO: yes

I gave him the bundle that contains a letter from my Principal, my medical school marks lists, 10th, Inter marks lists. He just gave a glance at each of them.

VO: So, how long do you wish to stay there?

Me: For about 6 weeks sir.

VO: Fine. So, who will bear the expenses for this trip?

Me: My parents.

VO: What is your father?

Me: My father is a .... and my mother is ... ( Here, I expected he would ask financial documents, for which I was so ready. But he didnt ask for them)

VO: Ok. Do you have any plans to take USMLE?(here comes the dreaded question)

Me: sir, right now I have no such plans. I'll think about that after graduating.

From here, he started typing furiously on the computer for about a couple of minutes. My heart was racing wondering what this long wait meant. I could hear a VO from the counter beside mine yelling at someone, which made matters seem much worse to me. Finally, my VO raised his head and said

VO: Ok. You will get your passport and visa by post or whatever in about a week. Have a nice time.

Me: Thank you. ( and I moved away, smiling)

First of all, I feel very lucky for getting such a nice VO. He was friendly throughout the interview. After coming out, I realised that my main interview lasted much longer (about 4min) than what I expected(1 min).  I was asked almost all the questions that I had prepared for. Now, I'm waiting for the post to know the duration of visa granted. I wish I could get atleast a 5-year multiple.



There is no specific dress

There is no specific dress code, if you are comfortable with it, you could dress in a trousers and a shirt, or you could go for casual wear. The point is to be well groomed and appear confident and professional in your interaction. 

You could carry a statement from the branch manager regarding the particulars of the loan along with your parents declaration.

The minimum balance could be an amount which would cover the expenses for accomodation and daily expenditure for the duration of stay. 

Being a fresh graduate, you could give a self declaration regarding intent to return and show via ancestral property, family ties etc, that you have strong ties to your country. If you have any obligation like rural service with the government as part of your course(in place in some Indian states) you could produce that as a proof. 

Other than that, I would look to the seniors of this site for more guidance.



Congratz on your visa acceptance. I will be graduated in March this year. I've applied through Chicago Clerkship. I got accepted for the month of April. What should I say about graduation as I've to come back to complete my 12months internship (House Job) too. Will saying that only be helpful?

What do you mean by

Email correspondances with co ordinator

Affidavit of self -non immigrant intent

and how can they be made?


hi, congrats on getting the


congrats on getting the visa.

i will be applying in next month.

for the interview what is dress code for females?

in documents mentioned to take along, i am taking a loan for the trip so should i ask the bank to provide me some proof for same?

bank statements of sponsor ie my parents should show a minimum balance of how much amount?

i am fresh graduate unemployed so for confirming that i will return back to my home country what document should can i attach?

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