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Visa Experience

I too got a 10 year multiple entry B1/B2 visa. I prepared by reading all the experiences on this site. Much has been written about how to make appointment for visa go to american consulate site or google it the instructions on it are straight forward just follow them and make the appointment. Submit the documents more than 3 working days before your visa interview in case of mumbai consulate.

About the documents I filed them in by dividing them in 3 categories 

1) required for appearing in visa interview i.e. your hdfc slip, VFS appointment letter, the print out of your  D160 form print out (the barcode on it must be clearly visible), passport sizes photograph ( not necessary but take them just in case)

2) To prove my case- Financial and letter from university / Visa letter for step 2

For financial documents i took my an parents account print our, 2-3 salary slip, IT return but the best thing to carry is a document made by a chartered accountant stating total worth including all the assets it shows in one paper total of movable and liquid assets, it looks neat and is easy to understand for VO.

From university a letter addressed to consulate general or your approval letter, all your e mail interaction with registrar. 

3) other documents like step 1 mark sheet,  transcript, deans letter, Your tickets if you have booked or take print our of page just before payment by going on website like or and selecting a flight from there if asked just tell " i have not booked the tickets as i wanted to first get visa but I am thinking of booking this flight, address and contact number of place you would be staying at and all e mail communication with the landlord or owner. remember read from other experiences and take all relevant documents with you, you cant be sure what VO may ask for one of my senior was told to come bake next day with daily schedule of his electives and only after submitting that he was issued visa.

Time-Now for visa interview itself my advice is reach that place 30 min before your interview time it will give you time to settle down. 

Dress- wear smartly and cloths you are comfortable in. I am pretty sure they dont care what you are wearing. I wore jeans and shirt. Just remember to shave and get a hair cut done. For girls dont wear anything too modern like minis or deep neck tops etc.

In mumbai consulate after security check you will be given a small wooden stick to keep in your pocket I have no idea what it is for but I have read that it has a tracking device inside so dont forget to return it when you leave the consulate. Than you will receive your token no. and you will have to submit your passport. After this your finger print are taken and now wait begins for real visa interview. Listen carefully to the announcements for your number. I have always hated to wait outside while someone else was undergoing interview or viva this makes me anxious as may be case with some of you old, habits die hard so I shifted to front row when it became empty this way I was 1st to reach Visa counter.

The VO was a pretty lady around 25 yrs They speak slowly and clearly so dont worry if you do not have prior experience of talking to a foreigner like me. 

I am including questions asked to me, my friends and seniors-

Q- So why do you want to go to usa

A- I have received approval from _____university for clinical electives and to appear in USMLE step 2 cs exam.

Q- (confused)What is a clinical electives?

A- Its a short term clinical program for undergraduate final year medical students to improve there clinical knowledge.

Q- (still confused) So what will you do there

A- My schedule will be just like a final year american student attending rounds, seeing patients, taking history, attending conferences etc

Q-so what will be your credit for this?

A- I will have no financial gain but academically it will mean a lot it will be added to my cv as a international experience and can help in getting me residency or fellowship in future.

Now mentioning residency is two edged sword, by this you show that you may need to go to usa again but it also shows that you have a interest for staying long term in usa only say it if you have a prepared answer for the next question I am giving here the answer i gave

Q- you are pursuing residency in usa

A- I will only if I get residency in neurology or else I will do my residency from here and go for fellowship in neurology in usa. 

This answer shows that you have planned your future and the visa will help you in getting you there.

Q-who will be sponsoring you?

A- my father.

Q-what does your parents do?

A-my father works in______ and my mother is a house wife.

Q- May I see the approval letter

A-sure, I gave the approval letter

VO- ok your visa has been approved

The only mistake I done was to ask her duration of visa she gave me a curious glance and said its a 10 year visa but you should use the visa only for the purpose it has been granted or it will be revoked. I gave her a 440V smile and said sure maam.

other common questions are

Q- where will you be staying in usa.

Q-have you booked your flight tickets

Q-do you have any relatives in usa

Q-Who is your elective coordinator / under whom will you so the elective

They expect that you must know about the person under who you will be working so remember the name and title of Doctor under whom you are doing electives.

Q- what will be your schedule there?

Q how long will you be staying in usa?

Q- more about your family and financial status?

lastly remember one visa interview wont decide your life so be confident and act smartly and keep smiling.


PS-I may have forgotten few things so please go through other experiences and make a list of things you need to remember. 

i am affiliated with

i am affiliated with americlerkship so what should say them which university u r affiliated in?? i mean saying americlerkship will raise so many questions. can anybody help to make an answer for it?

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